Gemini is notorious for being two-faced, according to some people. In my opinion, this is a shallow take on the overall sign. To understand a Sun in Gemini, you have to see things from their perspective.

Gemini is a Dual and Mutable Sign; Two Sides of the Same Coin.

They are the type to see all sides of every situation. Depending on the Zodiac signs’ placements, they take a “this or that” approach on things. You won’t usually see them have a hard and fast opinion on a subject. That includes anything from romance to intellect.

The mental conflict…

Get beauty blogging tips to hit those sales goals every month.

Why is the 1000-word blog post so popular? When it comes to beauty blogging, shorter is the better way to go. The bulk of beauty lovers prefer high-quality images, magazine stories, and products mixed into the text.

Many writers use the longer format to appeal to Google. Those types of…

The beauty industry is a dense jungle full of similar brands. Learn how to make sales and be a successful beautypreneur.

Learning how to make sales starts with reaching your target audience. Imagine being stuck in the middle of the ocean on a boat. While you have the tools necessary to escape the situation, no one taught you how to sail. Think of the ocean as the beauty industry.

Nobody ever…

Small business owners have dozens of jobs to do in their company’s infancy. For first-time business owners, the number of tasks seems overwhelming. When is it time to reinvest in your beauty business?

It’s a matter of knowing when to take profits and when to put those profits back in…

Any Instagram business owner asks this question. How do you turn leads into paying customers?

I used my IG business account to ask beauty businesses to share their thoughts. Everyone wanted to know the same thing. How do you go from leads to customers?

I started using Instagram to grow my business in March 2020. …

Hosting an Instagram giveaway seems intimidating, but I promise that it is fun! The skincare industry has a lot of tough competition. To be seen, you have to stand out from other skin care businesses.

Hosting an IG giveaway is one of the easiest ways to get new followers and…

Hard-working entrepreneurs need a target audience to make their business successful. Instagram search is a social media tool to do the research and find the ideal customer.

Entrepreneurs on Instagram know that they have a product to sell, but the real question is this:

“Who are you selling it to?”

Create a Persona for Your Ideal Customer

Recently, I came across Pureauty Naturals Biotin Hair Serum. After a short talk with their brand’s agent, they sent me a free product to try. That was exciting!

I love trying new hair products, and I love the opportunity to help others find the right hair products.

Let me start…

So, you chose to run an Instagram business, and now you need help.

Don’t worry! Growing your business takes a bit of work, but it’s possible.

Social media marketing is vital for an IG business to succeed. I’ll walk you through the steps and help you find your groove.


In this blog, I discuss the best way to get noticed on Insta, how to treat your followers, and tips for increasing engagement. On top of giving advice, I tell you how to take action.

This is a space to learn something new. Teaching beauty business owners how to use…

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Informative posts for beauty brands to make their mark on Instagram.

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