How to Use Instagram Search to Find Your Target Audience

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Create a Persona for Your Ideal Customer

  1. Who is my ideal customer?
  2. Why do they need my product?
  3. What problems do I solve for them?
  4. What demographics do they fit into?
  5. How do I reach them?
  6. Where do they hang out?
  7. What content do they prefer?
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Intended Audience Examples:

  1. 18–49 years
  2. Female
  3. Environmentally conscious
  4. Cares about ingredients in skincare products
  5. More than likely does not like complicated chemicals
  6. Supports small businesses
  7. Treats their skin with products at least once a day
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Easily Use Instagram Search to Find Your Target Audience and Sell to Them

Use Instagram Search to Find Hashtags that Match Your Target Audience

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Make Your Posts on Insta Shareable and Searchable

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Use a Call to Action to Drive Your Followers

  1. Ask for likes and comments.
  2. Ask for shares and tags.
  3. Drive potential customers to your website.
  4. Get your followers to sign up for your newsletter.
  5. Tell them to keep scrolling through your content.
  6. Send prospects to your DMs.
  7. Give your ideal customer a link to purchase your product.

Make the Insta Caption Match the Picture and Hashtags

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Use Instagram Search for Competitor Analysis

How to Sell Products to Your Target Customer

Provide Value First.

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  1. Post tips and tricks.
  2. Show videos of your product being used.
  3. Post a “How to” use your product.
  4. Recommend tools or other helpful businesses.
  5. Post educational content.

Engage With Their Content by Liking, Commenting, and Replying to Their Stories

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Introduce Yourself to Them Before Introducing Your Product

Don’t Be Shy. Ask for the Sale!

  • They are in your target audience.
  • They are your ideal customer.
  • You provided value
  • You gained their trust.
  • You gave them something first, and they want to provide something in return.

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