Standing Out in a World of Successful Beautypreneurs

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Insta Success: Doing What You Do Takes Guts

Standing out from the crowd is hard among millions of amazing influencers. You may feel intimidated by the size of the beauty industry.

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  1. Stand out from the crowd.
  2. Sell emotions before products.
  3. Put an original spin on your brand.

Learn to Brand: Your Face Is Your Most Original Feature

Brand uniqueness comes from character. Successful brands tell their story and show their emotions. Help consumers understand your message. Do this in an about page, a few social media posts, your bio, etc.

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Personal Branding: Keep Those Pretty Selfies Coming

Let your Insta followers see your face. Take more selfies! Your Insta followers want to connect with you. They crave your personality and looks. Never hold out on a beautiful selfie.

Does Selling on Instagram Make You Uncomfortable?

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Leave Vagueness at the Door. Get Specific With Your Audience.

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  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What do they look like, and what are their interests?
  • How often do they shop for your products?
  • Where are they from?
  • How do they prefer to order their makeup, skincare products, salon services, or clothing?

Here’s Exactly What I Do.

I make a post, and I add the best hashtags for that post. It has to loosely match other great posts.

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  • I create a post that talks about natural skincare products.
  • I find the right hashtags.
  • I research them beforehand to make sure that my picture and caption matches.
  • #naturalskincareproducts
  • #beautyisnatural
  • #cleanskincare
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Don’t Use Popular Hashtags. Use Effective Hashtags.

Hashtag research is number one. While Instagram posts are hit or miss, it’s important to make your presence known.

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Step by Step: How Exactly Do I Use Meta Hashtags?

  1. I relate a hashtag to my post.
  2. I search for a popular hashtag.
  3. I find hashtags with under 20 posts per hour and over 15k posts in all.
  4. I plug it into my caption.
  5. I see what works, and I delete what doesn’t work.

Pay Attention to Changes in Your Metrics

Let’s get technical. We always hear about changes in Instagram’s algorithm. There are truths and lies to that.

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  1. Do the hashtags match the caption and picture?
  2. Does the picture seem relevant to the hashtags?
  3. Do I compare to other similar posts?
  4. Did I fail to engage my followers within the first hour?

Thank you for reading!

Don’t worry. Your Insta success story is right around the corner. Businesses in the beauty industry everywhere are in tip-top shape. There is no reason why you should not be the same.



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