8 Easy Instagram Giveaway Tips for the Skincare Industry

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1. Tips for the Best Instagram Giveaway Rules

Every great competition has rules set in place. Rules keep your audience from going off the wall, and it keeps confusion off of your post.

  • Use a maximum of four rules per post.
  • Make sure that the rules are simple and easy to do.
  • Ask your followers to share or use your brand hashtag.
  • Keep the caption short and sweet.
  • Include a CTA at the end to get results.
  • Don’t forget to include a prize!
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2. Set an Endgame Goal for Your Contest

There are a few ways to get the maximum benefits from an Instagram giveaway. Think about the end results of your contest.

  • How long will the contest run?
  • Do I want more newsletter sign-ups, clicks on my website, followers, etc.?
  • Will this post help me reach my target audience?
  • Is my target audience interested in the prize?
  • Is my audience engaged, or do they just want free stuff?
  • Am I using the right hashtags to reach my ideal customers?
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3. Keep Track of Any Clicks or New Followers

To host a successful Insta contest, you need to measure your results. The contest may have gotten a lot of likes and comments, but that doesn’t mean it was successful!

  • New, relevant followers
  • Clicks on your website
  • Sign-ups to your newsletter
  • Visits to your profile
  • Purchases to your products

4. Better Prizes Equal More Engagement

Be transparent about the value of your product. Giving away an expensive haircare treatment gets more engagement than something cheap. If you are on a budget, limit yourself to one or two prizes to get some return on your investment.

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5. Shorter Contests Work Better Than Longer Ones

Keep this tip in mind! Most people prefer shorter contests to longer ones. It satiates their need for instant gratification, and many followers forget things easily. Short giveaways give you a competitive advantage because of quick exposure.

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6. Be Transparent When You Choose a Winner

New followers and potential customers need to learn to trust you! The best way to earn trust is full transparency. The best way to avoid unfollows is through complete transparency.

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7. Skin Care Businesses Have Tough Competition

Pay special attention to your competitors! Skin care businesses need a solid model to live by. If you want to make it, you have to carve your special spot in the beauty industry.

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8. As a Woman Owned Small Business, Know Your Target Audience

Mostly women consume skincare products, but men are slowly getting with the program. It is common for a woman owned small business to target women. The skin care market generates around 17 billion in US revenue, so yes, there is room for you.

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash
  • Pay attention to your language.
  • Use the right colors to attract the right people.
  • Find the right keywords that stand out to your target audience.
  • Target common consumers in the skin care industry.
  • Give your target audience something that they want or need.

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My name is Destiny. I create content for beauty businesses to help them reach their target audience.



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