Gemini is notorious for being two-faced, according to some people. In my opinion, this is a shallow take on the overall sign. To understand a Sun in Gemini, you have to see things from their perspective.

Gemini is a Dual and Mutable Sign; Two Sides of the Same Coin.

They are the type to see all sides of every situation. Depending on the Zodiac signs’ placements, they take a “this or that” approach on things. You won’t usually see them have a hard and fast opinion on a subject. That includes anything from romance to intellect.

The mental conflict…

The beauty industry is a dense jungle full of similar brands. Learn how to make sales and be a successful beautypreneur.

Learning how to make sales starts with reaching your target audience. Imagine being stuck in the middle of the ocean on a boat. While you have the tools necessary to escape the situation, no one taught you how to sail. Think of the ocean as the beauty industry.

Nobody ever…

Destiny Vaughan

Informative posts for beauty brands to make their mark on Instagram.

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