The Scorpio Rising in Astrology

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Describing the Scorpio Rising

The Scorpio Rising sign holds an ever-changing and competitive identity. The thirst for competition makes the Scorpio sign crave social validation, self-development, and movement of the character.

An Ascendant in Scorpio is one of the most hidden rising signs. They're very protective of their internal personality; they feel discomfort when unknown people try to know them.

Strategy and tact fill the Scorpio Rising’s need for competition by exceeding in their physical health.

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The Scorpio Rising’s development is simultaneously destructive and healing. Physical phases are common for them, including changing hair colors, experimenting with different looks, and even plastic surgeries. They associate with psychologists and mental healers as acquaintances; the Scorpio Rising’s close association with healers benefits their identity’s growth.

Scorpio Rising uses body language as a form of communication. The Zodiac sign tunes into the passion and undertones of souls. They understand the depth of others, being the psychologists of the constellations.

In certain Houses, the Lord of the 1st gives fortune in a sense of healing, but the changing potentially damages those places as well. This Rising sign habitually competes in physical appearance. They want to look better than those around them.

Scorpio Ascendant in Money and Wealth

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The finances of the Scorpio Ascendant depend on Jupiter and Mars. Mars in a compromising position destroys the potential for finances because of a lack of motivation. Too much attention on successes is destructive to the Scorpio Rising earning potential; external focus brings motivation to Scorpio Rising because of thirst for competition.

Jupiter’s position shows the potential for generosity and sudden bouts of wealth. The presence of a strengthened Saturn slows the act of change for the Rising sign, fortifying the fixed qualities of the star sign.

Scorpio Ascendant and Physical Appearance

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The appearance of Scorpio Rising depends on Mars. The astrology chart’s view of Mars manages muscular strength and skin tone. Scorpio tends to be darker in the eyes and skin, and Mars’ health determines the muscular size. To others, this particular Rising sign is sexually attractive, and they radiate sensual energies to their acquaintances.

Astrology Questions Answered

How Do I Combine Astrology Traits that Contradict?

Anonymous: Hi there! I am new to astrology, and I’m having a hard time arranging the information (sign, planet, house, etc) and blending them to personal relevance.

The first example: I’m sun in Leo, a moon in Pisces and Virgo rising. Trying to understand those 3 is very hard for me. I’m very confused. Do I just need more time because I’m still new? Can you help?


Hello~ blending very different traits is hard, even for experienced astrologers.

I totally get it.

What I do to prevent that is asking myself specific questions rather than looking in a general light. A big old pet peeve of mine is “in general”. It’s hard to generalize astrology, but it’s easier to look at it trait by trait, combining similar traits and eliminating traits that cancel each other out.

For example, if you want to know about money, look at the 2nd house, Venus, Venus’s ruling house, and aspects attached to them.

As for contradictory placements, look at them in the sense that they’re well rounded, or in the sense that they’re very conflicting. (Whether they’re well rounded or conflicting should depend on whether the placements are weak or strong.) If they conflict, look at the stronger opposing traits.

I also ask myself the following:

  • How does this compare to this?
  • How do the characteristics complement each other?
  • How do they contradict?
  • Which sign is stronger due to having stronger placements in the sign?
  • What’s the person’s dominant element or planet?
  • What’s the person’s weakest element or planet?

Anonymous: hi! Capricorn sun, Virgo moon, Pisces rising, and Scorpio venus here. I’m curious to see how you would read that combo, given everything that focuses on my rising sign seems to be SUPER accurate, but everything about cap suns just... doesn’t somehow.


Pisces Rising is compatible with the natal Capricorn Sun, and Pisces tends to dissolve qualities and hide the traits of other Zodiac signs if the placements are touching. I think that Pisces would dissolve rigid Capricorn nature, the black and white point of view, the necessity of the identity to follow certain criteria, etc. Pisces can be a friend of Capricorn because of this, but it’s easy for the Capricorn traits to lose some substance/structure also.

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Anonymous: Can a rising sign be in a cusp? Some natal charts say I’m an Aquarius rising, while others say I’m a Capricorn rising. Is this possible?


If you aren’t accurate right down to the minute, then it could easily change your Rising sign. A degree of 0 would technically be in the next sign. Some sites, unfortunately, aren’t accurate right down to the minute, so it could change the position of your first house easily. It’s not a cusp; just lacking accuracy with the sites.

I use because I’ve read from a few sources that its formula is the most accurate.

Anonymous: I heard that the Midheaven is like a second ascendant/rising sign. Would you say that that is true?


Well, they’re both angular Houses, so they’re similar. The four angular Houses have to do with how others perceive you and how you perceive others.

The Rising sign is your viewpoint on the world and your physical appearance. It also navigates how others see you upon the first impression: those first words that leave your mouth and the tone that they’re in.

The Midheaven is your ego and confidence, and it has barely anything to do with your physical appearance. It has to do with how people as a whole see you; what they say behind your back and what they think of you after you’re gone.

I wouldn’t really say it’s true. Yeah, they’re angular Houses, so they’re similar, but I wouldn’t generalize something so complicated like that.

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Anonymous said: So, I’ve always had an eye/a small crush on this guy. I always see him when we verse his school in sports. And wow, he’s so handsome(brown hair+blue eyes) he’s pretty outgoing and confident, and silly too he’s a Libra with a Virgo moon, Scorpio Venus, and Virgo Mars(I don’t know his rising sign, though). Do you think he’s compatible with me(describe what our relationship would be like)?❤️ I am a Pisces with a Libra moon, Sag rising, Pisces Venus, and Taurus Mars:))


Pisces and Libra are a team. You’re obviously so attracted to that Libra charm with good reason. You see a very confident and attractive guy, and you dig it. I’m telling you, if you guys get together, it’ll be magnetic and magical. He’ll be very attracted to you if you tell him in the most romantic way possible, but don’t get frustrated if he needs a lot of time to settle into the thought of it. Once you catch him though, you two will probably change each others’ perspectives on life as you know it. How cool is that?

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