How to Use Instagram Search to Find Your Target Audience

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Hard-working entrepreneurs need a target audience to make their business successful. Instagram search is a social media tool to do the research and find the ideal customer.

Entrepreneurs on Instagram know that they have a product to sell, but the real question is this:

“Who are you selling it to?”

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Create a Persona for Your Ideal Customer

Having an ideal customer makes selling easier. You have an amazing product but make no sales. The problem might be somewhere else, and the first step is to identify your ideal customer.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who is my ideal customer?
  2. Why do they need my product?
  3. What problems do I solve for them?
  4. What demographics do they fit into?
  5. How do I reach them?
  6. Where do they hang out?
  7. What content do they prefer?

Narrow it down. Once you get specific, it becomes easier to locate your target customer.

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Intended Audience Examples:

Look at it like this:

I make handmade skincare products that are natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. My ingredients are carefully sourced, and I am transparent about the making of my products. This business is a side hustle because I have a full-time job.

The next thing to do is a target audience analysis. Look up statistics, and educate yourself as much as possible.

Here is what my target customer looks like based on these statistics:

  1. 18–49 years
  2. Female
  3. Environmentally conscious
  4. Cares about ingredients in skincare products
  5. More than likely does not like complicated chemicals
  6. Supports small businesses
  7. Treats their skin with products at least once a day
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Easily Use Instagram Search to Find Your Target Audience and Sell to Them

I have a few tips and tricks that work for my clients and me. Finding your target audience doesn’t have to be complicated. Entrepreneurs have dozens of responsibilities, and I’m here to help you figure things out the easy way.

Use Instagram Search to Find Hashtags that Match Your Target Audience

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This is an easy one! Figure out the right hashtags to use, and post in them frequently. Be a person of value that potential customers trust.

Browse the top posts, and leave meaningful comments. Also, find your main competitors, and hang out in their comment section. If anyone asks a question in the comments, answer helpfully.

When someone in your target audience follows you, give them a follow back. Be sure to engage with their content, leave comments, and reply to their stories. Eventually, you will pop up on their Feed often, and they will consider you a good source for information.

Make Your Posts on Insta Shareable and Searchable

Ask, and you shall receive. When you post meaningful content, people love to share it with their followers.

Ask your followers to share your content. In many cases, you can ask your competitors to share your content too. The easiest way to do this is by sharing a few of their posts first and tagging them.

Eventually, they’ll feel obligated to return the favor. After sharing a few of their posts, ask them to share one of your valuable posts. That method exposes you to their followers, and your target audience will find you.

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Use a Call to Action to Drive Your Followers

Where do you want your followers to go? Ask yourself this question for every post. Adding a call to action makes your Insta posts much more effective.

Here are a few options for effective CTA’s:

  1. Ask for likes and comments.
  2. Ask for shares and tags.
  3. Drive potential customers to your website.
  4. Get your followers to sign up for your newsletter.
  5. Tell them to keep scrolling through your content.
  6. Send prospects to your DMs.
  7. Give your ideal customer a link to purchase your product.

Make the Insta Caption Match the Picture and Hashtags

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The Instagram algorithm looks for close matches. If your post is well thought out and organized, the Instagram algorithm appreciates the effort.

Try your best to make every post thoughtful and engaging. Your picture should always match your caption and hashtags.

For example, do not post a picture of a flower and tag it “dog”. The Instagram algorithm is smarter than you think, and it will not push your irrelevant post.

Use Instagram Search for Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is key to any marketing campaign. Look into similar Instagram accounts, and see what they do to attract followers.

Take note of their content, how often they post, and how they engage their followers. Follow trends closely, and jump on the bandwagon at the first opportunity.

Also, try to browse your competitor’s likes to find your target audience. Engage with them, and try to get them to follow you. Once they follow you, you have a new prospect!

How to Sell Products to Your Target Customer

Congratulations! You found your target customer in the jungle we call Instagram. Now, it’s time to sell to them.

Take these steps to learn how to sell to your target customer:

Provide Value First.

You are a stranger on the Internet, and so are your customers. They do not automatically trust you or your product. Before giving them a hard sell, provide something of value first.

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Here are a few ways to provide value to your customers before selling:

  1. Post tips and tricks.
  2. Show videos of your product being used.
  3. Post a “How to” use your product.
  4. Recommend tools or other helpful businesses.
  5. Post educational content.

Engage With Their Content by Liking, Commenting, and Replying to Their Stories

Engaging with another person’s content is a great way to stay on their Feed. More engagement equals more pop-ups on people’s Feed.

You want to create a positive relationship between you and your followers. Yes, you should answer every comment with a comment. On top of that, you should like their posts when they like yours. Engage with their stories too!

The hard work, in the beginning, pays off in the end. It’s way better than having thousands of silent followers!

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Introduce Yourself to Them Before Introducing Your Product

People smell desperation, and it makes people uncomfortable. You want to present yourself in the friendliest and most helpful way possible.

Instead of introducing followers with a product, introduce yourself! Keep it brief, and try to ask them some questions about themselves. If you spark a conversation, that’s a great indicator of their interest.

Don’t Be Shy. Ask for the Sale!

Ask, and you shall receive.

You just made a sale if you hit the following points:

  • They are in your target audience.
  • They are your ideal customer.
  • You provided value
  • You gained their trust.
  • You gave them something first, and they want to provide something in return.

Perfecting this process takes practice. If you are not making sales, something in your funnel is wrong. Do not be afraid to go back to the drawing board and tweak some things.

Eventually, making sales on Instagram will be a piece of cake. Good luck!

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