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  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Austin L. Church

    Austin L. Church

    Husband & Father. Writer & Freelance Coach @ Brand Strategist @ Love Jesus, Megan, Salem, Theo, Ellis & you. You’re ready. Go!

  • Olivia Marlene

    Olivia Marlene

    A law abiding non-conformist. A lawyer by profession, a mom by nature. Her hobby is to challenge the norm. Reach her at:

  • Nidhriti Bhowmik

    Nidhriti Bhowmik

    Infometric Design@Sprinklr | Classic Rock Sponge | Helping B2B facing SAAS companies own the internet

  • Adam Bergen

    Adam Bergen

    Chasing the Friday feeling on Mondays | Helping others focus on what’s important |

  • Arthur Yeti

    Arthur Yeti

    Entrepreneur • / /

  • Mia Meier

    Mia Meier

    Writing about Instagram marketing trends and solutions, artificial intelligence technologies and their application in the music field.

  • Cam Fowler

    Cam Fowler

    A college student who is just thinking

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