• Darlene Holtvoigt

    Darlene Holtvoigt

  • Rhyena Halpern

    Rhyena Halpern

    Health Coach & End of Life Doula who loves to write on Wellness, Third Act of Life, Death & Dying, Autoimmunity, Trauma, Food & Weight. rhyhalpern@gmail.com

  • Heaven Sofia

    Heaven Sofia

    Freelance writer and editor, I am my own boss. I write topics on relationships, technology, and current events as they unfold around me.

  • Ammar Grković

    Ammar Grković

  • Khushbusoni


  • Jennifer M. Wilson

    Jennifer M. Wilson

    My midlife crisis and adventures along the way. I write because in real life my humor is allegedly too sarcastic and inappropriate. MediumNinjaGirl@gmail.com

  • Alexander Garza

    Alexander Garza

    Just a writer.

  • Leonorabalint


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