Beauty Blogging Tips: Why Shorter Is Better

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3 min readJan 19, 2021

Why is the 1000-word blog post so popular? When it comes to beauty blogging, shorter is the better way to go. The bulk of beauty lovers prefer high-quality images, magazine stories, and products mixed into the text.

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Many writers use the longer format to appeal to Google. Those types of beauty bloggers do not think about their readers. They focus too much on keywords and too little on their target audience. A month into their blogging journey, they ask the question, “Why am I not making sales?”

When to Cut It Short, and When to Add Some More Words

Do long articles turn readers off? They have upsides and downsides. Short blog posts are great for quick updates, plugging single products, and relaying quick information.

Long blog posts have a job too. Save them for highly engaged readers. Use long blog posts to talk about lengthy subjects. You should be able to write at that length naturally. On the other hand, you should not be drawing out a blog post just for the longer word count.

Readers need to get the idea of an article within a few seconds. Be upfront, and do not hold out on useful information. “Saving the best for last” does not work for articles.

From One Content Writer to Another: Quit Using Clickbait as a Crutch

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Clickbait is in poor taste. Nothing is more irritating than a post that does not deliver. Posting clickbait is a good way to lose readers and never draw an audience. If your goal is to get sales, you are already losing.

How to Make Beauty Blogging More Interesting

By making the content easy to read, it makes the message more charming. Use bullet points, pictures, quotes, and other types of formatting. Take special note of the way that I format this blog post!

Compelling content needs to fit into your audience’s needs.

Personally, if it doesn’t catch my attention, I close the page and move on. I am one of those hundreds of thousands, and you must see that as you create content.

The majority of people have a short attention span and want immediate results. They will move on quickly to find better information.

Every sentence needs to give your reader a reason to read the next one.

So, what should you do to create a shorter and better article? Have some quick tips to help you do better:

  • Try not to repeat yourself.
  • Introduce a point, and then elaborate on it later.
  • Delete words with no purpose.
  • Shorten your sentences.
  • Avoid passive language.
  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Write a long draft, and cut 50% of it.

Beauty Blogging Tips: How to Cheat the System and Keep Readers Interested

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The internet bombards us with news. It is not possible to take everything in at once, so we skim. Make posts skimmable, and keep the best information at the top. If they are curious, then they will read your post through to the end.

Those are the people who will sign up for your newsletter, follow you, and comment on your page.

Thank you for reading.

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