9 Fresh Tips for Starting an Insta Beauty Business

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Starting an Insta beauty business is an anxious venture. You are scared, skeptical, and don’t know where to start. What if I told you that thousands of others are in your shoes?

Instagram is a great social media to market your new business. Trending at $532.43 billion in 2017, starting an Insta beauty business is more relevant than ever. Through Instagram, you get increased engagement compared to Twitter, Facebook, and other sites.

Social media is free and effective for business marketing. Being successful in the cosmetics and fashion industry takes more than posting on Insta. Look into these fresh tips for Instagram success.

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Specific Is Better Than Broad

Because beauty on Instagram is so hot, the topic is broad. Make it your job to narrow it down. Selling eyeshadow palettes, applying makeup, giving top lipstick advice; what exactly do you do? And does that set you apart from other beauty businesses?

A buyer should look at your beauty business and know what they need. Solve every issue. Be precise about what you offer, how to get it, and why a buyer needs it.

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Have You Heard the News? Beauty Blogs Are in Style.

If you do not have a beauty blog, you miss out on thousands in income. For most clients, step one in the buying process involves checking a business’s blog. How else will you teach your consumers?

Start a beauty blog immediately, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a writer. The best marketing strategy involves educating your patrons. Knowing more about your product through informational posts builds trust.

Make an interactive activity with your customers. Online interactions are honest and helpful. Only celebrities get to ignore online comments. Be a real person, and start talking to your customers via your new beauty blog.

Give a Little, and Get a Little Back

Get more fans on Instagram by being helpful. Before asking someone to share your post, share one of theirs. Comment on their posts. Give them advice. People are more open to helping in a mutual bond.

Social media raises special forms of networking. Many people see it as rude to inbox strangers out of the blue.

Instead of using Instagram as your stomping grounds, take a softer plan with networking. Build a networking relationship by commenting on posts, watching stories, and liking their content first.

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Trust From Your Followers Means Everything

Having authentic followers is an important part of Instagram success. Buying Instagram followers is bad for your account. You get no engagement, no sales; and they are an overall waste of money.

As your authentic follower count grows, show yourself to your followers as valuable and committed. What is the number one way to win follower trust? Consistency keeps them coming back. Running an Insta beauty business creates a struggle for attention.

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Post every day, every other day, or every week. Whatever you decide, keep a regular schedule. Here are a few ideas to switch up your posts on Instagram:

  1. Market your products with ads.
  2. Create inspirational quotes from famous people.
  3. Post reviews and testimonials from happy customers.
  4. Launch new beauty products and services.
  5. Make some relatable memes.
  6. Show off the making of products behind the scenes.
  7. Show appreciation for your workers, customers, and helpers.
  8. Promote a discount to bring in new customers.
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Find Some Top-Priority Insta Hashtags

Let’s go back to some previous advice: narrow down those broad topics. Niche topics apply to Instagram’s hashtag pool too. With a bit of research, you will find a plethora of niche hashtags. Use these as a tool to find new followers with every post.

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As an example, I did some digging into the makeup community. I want to narrow it down from a simple #makeup hashtag, so I look at popular and recent posts.

The first popular post I see uses these hashtags: #makeuplover, #makeupaddict, #makeuplooks. Those are decent, but can’t we narrow it down some more? I take the makeup addict hashtag to the search bar and find more popular posts.

Now we’re getting somewhere: #makeupthatdoesmore. #spectrumbrushes, #makeupoftheday, #blueeyelook.

Each of those niche hashtags fit a type of person. You are more likely to get follows and interactions from people who take an interest in those things. Congrats! Five minutes of searching helped you find five great niche hashtags for your Insta beauty business.

Start Branding Your Image

Brand recognition is the bread and butter for future buys. You see giant yellow arches; you think McDonald’s: McRibs, the Shamrock Shake, McGriddles. The famous restaurant masters branding to their hungry patrons.

Be the branding queen of the beauty community. When someone talks about cosmetics, fashion, skincare routines, makeup tutorials; your followers should think of you. The secret is in brand recall, the ability to make customers remember you.

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Growing a business on Instagram needs an effective marketing strategy. Invest in logos and graphics. Use unique language for your products. Create a website with an interactive experience for buyers.

Start trendsetting immediately! What’s the point of being like everyone else? There are thousands of makeup businesses, lash sellers, tutorial videos, and passionate stylists. A fresh start is a key to stand out from the crowd.

Improve the Copy on Your Bio, Captions, and Website

“Easy to learn” makes more money. Never let your buyers doubt your product. Answer every question with a straightforward explanation.

Clean, concise, adaptable; be a successful beauty guru with those three habits.

Follow These Tips From Instagram Beauty Influencers

  • Zoella promotes an honest story-telling take on Insta influencing. Her love for small businesses inspires every female entrepreneur. All of her posts on social media are lively and fun. For every ambitious boss lady, Zoella is an honorable mention.
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  • Founding EM Cosmetics makes Michelle Phan an entrepreneur to watch. Her glamorous style influences millions of followers. She uses her heavy influence on Instagram to plug products and support service providers.
  • Jackie Aina uses her popular platform to discuss social issues. The majority of her following includes marginalized groups and supporters, and she is not afraid to spread a message on Civil Rights. She is the definition of a female entrepreneur #bosslady.
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash
  • Since starting her career in 2012, Shayla has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. Her unique photos and sensational body shots drive her followers wild. Variety is the name of her game; she runs a YouTube channel, makes fitness videos, promotes sponsors, creates makeup tutorials, and so much more.
  • The queen of cutesy glamor might just be Raye Boyce. Her combo of mommy vlogging and stylish looks makes her a popular niche account. She is known for “keeping it real” with her followers with open honesty about past struggles in her life.

Outsource the Professional Work

I strongly support outsourcing to professional content creators. They take a load of work off of your shoulders. As a freelance beautician, you spend a lot of time scheduling, making appointments, and shipping products.

Give customers the attention they deserve by outsourcing to freelance writers, graphic designers, social media managers, or any other time-saving professionals.

Thank You for Reading!

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With an effective content marketing strategy, my customers make more money than their competitors.

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